With the globalization of world economy, especially with China's entry into WTO, Chinese manufacturers and traders are confronted with new issues, including compliance with health and safety standards presented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Labor safety and disease prevention are regarded as the legal and moral obligation of the employer. Additionally, a modern society also promotes the health of employees in the workplace and a comfortable working environment.
Management systems for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S MS) have proved to be an effective tool to organize and focus a company's efforts for minimizing work-related hazards where technical improvements and legal surveillance find their limitations. Like other systematic approaches to management, they have contributed to improved business performance. The virtues of OH&S MS are also underlined and reflected by the development of the ILO “Guidelines on occupational safety and health management systems”.
The requirements for OH&S management systems are defined in international or local standards such as OHSAS 18001 or GB/T 28001. OHSAS18001was developed in the UK by 13 certification bodies and National Standards Bodies in 1999,and China Government issued GB/T28001 refer to OHsas18001,OHSAS 18001 was developed in line with ISO 14001 to help industries take environmental impacts and occupational risks into the whole scope of their management system to prevent damage to nature and the employees themselves.
• 由于更好地控制工作环境危险因素,减少事故的发生及生产中断Fewer accidents and fewer interruptions of production flow through better control of workplace related hazards.
• 减少职业病,提供更好的工作条件。对员工需求的关注可以提高工作队伍的稳定性,员工的积极性及生产力Reduced likelihood of occupational disease and better working conditions. Consideration of employee needs creates a stable, motivated and highly productive workforce.
• 以最少的行政手段来确保符合法规要求Ensured legal compliance with minimum of administrative effort.
• 帮助公司发展,减少事故及紧急事件带来的损失Support of sustainable company development by reducing costs caused by accidents and emergencies.
• 提高公司形象,增强国际竞争力Improved company image that boosts international competitiveness.